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Amber Rose in Smooth Magazine

Posted on: February 10, 2009

Amber Rose is a 25 year old model and aspiring actress from South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This vanilla vixen is Italian and Cape Verdean. You’ve seen her with long hair as a lead vixen in Young Jeezy’s “Vacation” and “Put On.” But it wasn’t till Amber went shaved and showed her moves in “What Dem Girls Like” by Ludacris featuring Chris Brown, that she really broke out and is now in demand. On cutting her goldilocks Amber says…

Yeah. I am pretty confident in my beauty, and I don’t see a need to hide behind hair. Besides, I can get ready to go out a lot faster now that I don’t have to spend a half-hour doing my hair.

It takes a bold ass shorty to go bald, but it takes a bad ass mami with swagger to look beautiful in doing so.

Amber grew up on the South side of Philly and had to learn to push back to hold her own. On being tough Amber says…

…I’m the most feminine tough girl you will every meet. [laughs]. I’ve very blunt. I’ve been through a lot so, I have a pretty tough skin. But at the same time, I’m feminine every way. I love clothes and makeup and getting dolled up just like any other female.

To book Amber Rose for any videos, events, or shoots or to just send her a message via her Myspace.



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